The Things You Are Missing Due to Trump-Petty NFL Controversy

With the NFL controversy bringing us to a new societal low in terms of us falling for bread and circuses, we thought it would be worthwhile to recap a full day‘s worth of stories that literally could change the world:  

1.) Kurdistan referendum – this is incredibly important from a geopolitical standpoint in the Middle East –  According to the BBC Erdogan has threatened to cut off a key oil pipeline and would most likely want to do much worse to the Kurds if given the opportunity.

2.) North Korea has asserted the right to shoot down US aircraft because someone led them to believe through a tweet that we had already declared war on them.  I will leave you to figure out who that could have been.  This is an extremely dangerous turn of events.  Originally we would have thought there was no chance of this turning into a conflict, but Kim Jong Un will now test the US; he has to.  He will shoot down a US warplane and the US will be forced to give a measured military response.  Then NK will have to decide how far they are willing to go.  This is bad news and extremely dangerous for everyone around the globe.   Ron Paul had a great post suggesting the way out of this conflict.  It involves us doing something decidedly un-American – making a good geopolitical decision. 

3.) Merkel got bagged and tagged in the German election.  Well to be fair she did actually win, but the move to the right in the population was called an earthquake by Yahoo news.  This has very meaningful implications for European politics. It seems blaming women for being sexually assaulted during NYE celebrations was a bad idea. They were clearly asking for it.  We have consistently said that uncontrolled immigration into Europe would end badly for everyone – refugees included.  The decisions to allow uncontrolled migration into Europe has caused grave damage to Muslims most of all.  Merkel is now paying the price.

4.)  According to the Hill the last ditch effort to rinse ACA/Obamacare has failed.  Hey maybe they will have better luck with tax reform.

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