One DNC Server to Rule Them All – One Server in the Light of Day to Bind Them All Together

by Harry Hart

As we wait for the FBI informant to testify and hope that he or she doesn’t have an accident between now and that time, it’s important to note that we have a lot of the pieces of puzzle in place to possibly find out the truth, but not the one that matters most, the DNC servers.  We found out yesterday that the Trump campaign did approach Wikileaks to get to the missing 30,000 Clinton emails that were “cleansed”.  While we are sure nothing of importance was on those emails, at least not important enough to use software to delete, it is important to see this server for everyone involved, except those people that are guilty of something.


1.) If you support Trump – This gives you the perfect opportunity to see that Wikileaks had zero to do with Russia.  The DNC hack had zero to do with Russia or Wikileaks.  That the second pretext for the Russian collusion investigation against Trump is false.  (The first being the Trump Dossier.) MOST importantly for Trump supporters?  You get the opportunity to see Obama squirm as those same pretexts listed above were utilized to spy on the Trump campaign and unmask folks involved in his campaign

2.) If you are feeling the BERN –  You will get to see if Hillary in fact had Bernie’s campaign executed.  Our guess is a fair number of you might want to know that.

3.) If you are a Hillary supporter – You get to find out once and for all if Trump trying to collude with Wikileaks was in fact Trump colluding with Russia.  Obviously this won’t help Hillary on any of her other challenges, but it will be a something burger in a vast void of nothing burgers and Pokemon Go in the Russian collusion narrative everyone has been pitching for nearly a year.

Everyone has the same card to play.  The key component in this for both Democrats looking to connect Trump to Russia AND for Trump to prove the DNC “hack” wasn’t in fact done by Russia or Wikileaks comes down to knowing what is on that server, assuming it hasn’t been bleachbit’d into oblivion or just brought out into a field and lit on fire, because, you know, there’s nothing to hide.  It has been reported by WND that a group of Reps and Dems have filed suit to see what is on those servers in order to solve the murder of Seth Rich.  If the FBI had done their job properly, we imagine this wouldn’t be necessary at this late stage.  So why didn’t the FBI want what was on that server?  Intriguing.

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