Not Time to Leave Las Vegas

by Harry Hart

Let’s take a minute to circle back to Vegas.  Yes we know all the apples versus banana stuff is pretty entertaining, and the political backdrop in DC has never been more volatile surrounding the Russia collusion thing, but it’s important to continue to document all the ways this story continues to make zero sense.  Here is our list right now of things that just don’t add up:

1.) The newest bit that doesn’t make sense is the missing hard drive.  Unless we are to believe it was stolen by one of the investigators, hard drives don’t just get up and walk away.  Does this mean that someone carried that elsewhere?  An accomplice perhaps?

2.) The Campos interview – Campos takes a cream puff “interview” with Ellen after skipping out an actual presser where he might get asked tougher questions about what really happened.

3.) Las Vegas coroner’s office on lockdown:  Very strange indeed.  Check out the video.  While we aren’t sure if this is normal operating procedure at a coroner.  Wouldn’t it be pretty easy to tell if there was more than one shooter as wounds would happen differently at different angles in the bodies?

4.) A bunch of people dead initially – 58 and 500 injured.  This just strikes us as weird.  Shouldn’t the death toll have risen given the caliber of the gun that Paddock was allegedly firing?  Perhaps the 500 injured were injuries trying to escape?   No large caliber gunshot wounds that weren’t initial fatalities? Maybe there is better info out on this but it seems a bit odd.

5.) Jesus Campos LEFT THE COUNTRY after the shooting –  Yes he left the country with his gunshot wound to the leg after the shooting.  How is this possible?  Is he a cyborg?  Why was he allowed to leave the country at all?

6.) Jesus Campos isn’t registered as a security guard.  

7.)  Still no motive.

8.) Where is Paddock’s girlfriend?

We are sure there are more things that don’t make sense.  It is not time to let this story get buried by the constant flow of really great things to talk about.  It isn’t time to leave Las Vegas.

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