My Baloney Has A First Name… It’s Uranium One… My Baloney Has A Second Name It’s Fusion GPS

by Harry Hart

“Be careful chief.  You dig up the past, all you get is dirty.”  We had always this quote from the movie “Minority Report” was apt when it came to the Russian collusion investigation, regarding how it might play out for the left and media pushing the Russian collusion narrative.  We suspected that the more digging they did, the more dirty the Clinton campaign, the prior administration, and the DNC might look.  It has been a tough week for Clinton.  First, we had the Uranium One story.  The story originally published in the Hill, suggested that the Clinton’s and Obama may have sold 20% of the US uranium supply to Russia.  This was apparently done while Russia was under an active investigation by the FBI, for allegedly using bribery and extortion to influence – you guessed it – the US nuclear industry.

Hillary responded to this by saying this Uranium One story is “Baloney”.  The story of course was absolutely “Baloney” and simply speculation before the Hill report.

Next, we have the so called “Trump Dossier” which Wapo reported on last evening.  The key takeaways from the knowledge that the DNC paid for this “research”:

1.) The DNC paid for the Trump Dossier which represented a large portion of the pretext to investigate Trump for collusion with Russian during his campaign.

2.)  The DNC seems to have colluded with UK and Russian spy apparatus through the Trump Dossier, utilizing sources within both the UK and Russia to influence the election through the publishing of the dossier.

3.)  In creating this pretext to investigate Trump for Russian collusion, it may have allowed the Obama administration and Susan Rice false cover to spy on the Trump campaign.  Further, this Trump Dossier angle may have been used as a false pretext to unmask many people working on the Trump campaign.  This is a big deal.

The greatest irony of all this?  We have Mueller investigating Trump for collusion while he was the head of the FBI which may have ignored a potential pay to play scheme involving the Clinton’s and Russia, while the Obama administration oversaw the sale of 20% of the US’s Uranium supply to Russia.  That’s a lot more interesting than Pokemon Go.

Is this all a big distraction from the real news story which is Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia?  Or a big distraction from Trump’s political implosion?  Maybe Trump will use it that way.  These stories do seem quite damaging by themselves however.  Perhaps, the digging may stop now into Russian collusion?  It will be funny to see how fast the Mueller investigation is wrapped up given these new findings.


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