Battle Ready? US Recalls Retired Pilots and Puts Strategic Bombers on 24 Hour Alert

by Harry Hart

We have seen two moves over the past weekend from the US that lead us to believe that we are closer to war with North Korea than most people might believe.   First, Trump has allowed the recall of up to 1000 retired pilots into various roles to address a shortage of pilots.   Second Defense One has reported that the US has put strategic bombers on 24 hour alert.  This simply means they can be loaded in with whatever weapons they need within 24 hours notice, and be ready to take off for a mission.  This is the first time this has happened in 26 years.  Given the recent upgrade of tensions between the US and several other adversaries – NK, Russia, and Iran – we can’t help but think this isn’t meaningful.  Trump seems intent on proving to these countries that we mean business.  In the case of NK, we really remain one misstep away from an all-out war.  The recent war games in South Korea combined with these two other moves, may be enough to cause NK to do something inflammatory.  For now, Trump is trying to show strength and readiness in the military for a reason.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

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