Who is Real Fair News?

If you are at all like the writers of this website – you want to be informed but you don’t appreciate utterly editorialized tripe and don’t want to feel like you need a bourbon, anti-anxiety meds, or a shower after simply attempting to be informed by reading or watching the news.  If you feel like everything you see and read isn’t necessarily fake, but is clearly written to further the author’s agenda, then this website is for you.  At Real Fair News, rather than push an agenda that originated from some evil bond-type villain with a hairless cat, we seek to inform you, not incense you.  We don’t have a CEO of our website that summers with said bond-villain in the Hamptons who is told to push an angle while betting on monkey knife fights on the yacht off the coast.  Our angle is to report fact, commonality, humanity, and that all men and women are created equal.   In our humanity, we are bound together by a few simple things…the most important is that we are all pretty inaccurate about assessing facts and even worse at fairly assessing other folk’s realities.  If this sounds bleak, it isn’t, it is what unifies us together as humans.  Our goal, at Real Fair News, is to try and show everyone’s crazy on an equal footing under the premise that we are bound in behavioral imperfection.

Further, people are bound together in chemistry.  We all seek the release of dopamine to make us feel different or alive.  Today’s mainstream media has sought to chemically addict you to that dopamine release – only they are playing on fear, anger, and confirming our own biased view of reality to release that feel good chemical.  We think there is a better way to get your fix.  Simply put, we believe that empathy and understanding others’ viewpoints is what should be giving us our dopamine hit from viewing news.  News reporting shouldn’t feel like watching reality TV.  If you want to feel alive out of anger or feel correct by reading something that confirms your own highly individual skewed version of reality – go read the mainstream media.  Feel anger.  Feel justified.  Release that dopamine.  This is all the news has become, an addiction to drama or a place to confirm our own biases. It doesn’t have to be this way…news doesn’t have to be this way.

Real Fair News is seeking a different path. There is a different way to get your dopamine hit while remaining informed. Through forming connections, seeking commonality, and finding empathy for other viewpoints, you will get your precious dopamine rush while remaining informed. We hope our analysis of major news stories gives you pause, makes you think outside of yourself, and brings you to new conclusions you had not previously considered. We look forward to the journey with you.